Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

legend of zelda spirit tracksIn a time where a lack of news leads our #1 news story of recent times being about an article released on Zelda Universe, having videos of two upcoming Zelda titled is an absolute treat—even if some of them are from the new Tingle game.

In some bizarre twist of fate, the Tingle videos are actually considerably more exciting than the footage of Spirit Tracks. The former shows some dude going through a stylus tutorial, riding around on a train shooting a bunch of monsters/innocent animals with a cannon. Yeah, pretty boring. The latter, on the other hand, depicts Tingle exploring a slightly-updated version of that one old Windows screensaver, but not before attempting to rescue a Garbage Pail Kid from a crow using nothing but a slingshot. There’s also some rock, paper, scissors action in there at the end. Tingle rightly chooses rock first. People always try to pull some slick stuff and pick scissors. Total amateurs.

Spirit Tracks:

Tingle’s Balloon Animal Rainbow Love Fest:

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