Skyward Sword Screenshot 008

While most of these new screenshots are not going to reveal much of anything new, there is one from presumably Death Mountain/Fire Temple that is neat to see visually. These new screenshots are fresh from Nintendo of Japan and since we all like to see how things are progressing I figured there is no better way to do that then show off some more recent screenshots. Hop inside for four more screenshots, with the best saved for last.

Skyward Sword Screenshot 009

Skyward Sword Screenshot 010

Skyward Sword Screenshot 011

Skyward Sword Screenshot 012

And to think, we’re accused of poor Zelda coverage with the expansion. BLASPHEMY I SAY! In all seriousness, the last screenshot really intrigues me. The art direction of some of the wall features in the background remind me a lot of such things in Majora’s Mask that contained a ton of symbolism and hidden meanings. Also having now revisited Skyward Sword again visually, I must say that the graphics are really growing on me. Clearly this is just a toon shaded realistic graphic style. This is no more apparent than when looking at the Keese model.

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