Dengeki Nintendo Magazine (pictured above) recently unveiled a future unveiling… that there will be a new Pokémon game announced next month! Of course, that’s all the information we have. We don’t have an exact day it will be revealed, only that it will be. Of course it’s a little soon to imagine any sort of “new” game (like Pokémon Grey) to get announced… so you really have to wonder what’s going on. Are one of the older games getting ported to the 3DS to take advantage of the new tech? Are we getting a spin off game for the Wii later this year (like Pokémon Ranger, etc). I wouldn’t mind if it was, perhaps, another Pokémon Coliseum game.

Pokémon and I have had a very interesting relationship. Each game released teases me to want to rejoin what I left so long ago, but each time I try it out it just doesn’t feel like the series has advanced beyond its primitive surroundings. Mostly, of course, this is because it doesn’t have to. It does what it does, and it does it very well. Still, maybe a fully rendered 3D world will be enough some day for me to want to hop back in, but for now I am stuck imagining what the announcement could be, and getting more excited than I probably should be.

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