So the Nintendo World event is going on right now in Japan and of course there is a lot of new details coming out about many of the upcoming 3DS titles. What better way to start off that coverage than with details about Ocarina of Time 3DS? What’s different? How do the controls work? What about freely looking around? Here are the small tidbits we know so far:

  • Demo contained 3 save files: One running around Kokiri Forest, one inside the Deku Tree, and one mode that this particular person didn’t get a chance to play with.
  • Everything felt familiar in playing the Deku Tree Dungeon. It didn’t feel foreign and things felt great.
  • Touch screen makes changing items on the fly very easy, as well as quick looks at the world and dungeon map.
  • When Navi wants to give you advice, an icon appears on the screen. You tap the icon to hear what she wants to say.
  • Tapping the camera icon puts you into the view mode, which you can control using the slide pad.
  • You can physically move the 3DS system to look around. If you hold it up, Link looks up. To look behind you, turn the system around. Same goes for left and right.

So some obvious things pop out: A lot of the interface is on the bottom screen allowing for maximum screen space up top just to simply play and view the game. I think the ability to move the 3DS around to view the world is interesting even if it may not be completely practical. It will certainly be fun to play around with though. Who knows, they may have changed a puzzle or two to requiring that movement, similar to the Phantom Hourglass puzzle that required you to “close the screen” to figure out. More details to come later as scrape the bin for more impressions out of Japan. Oh we also have this picture about the controls for anyone who can read Japanese:


Source: Andriasang

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