The Last Story is on my watch list right now for a western release date, because this is exactly the type of game that western Wii owners have really been waiting for. Square clearly has no plans of giving Wii owners a true Final Fantasy game, and there has been a severe lack of any sort of quality RPGs on the Wii since it launched. Well, The Last Story has been building a massive reputation for itself from the hands on impressions all the way to the pretty good visuals given the lack of power the Wii has.

In this latest Japanese commercial, towards the end it looks like they took some inspiration directly from Twilight Princess. Not only does the guy have a striking resemblance to Ganondorf in appearance, he is actually sitting in the exact pose our fabled villain was known for in the last console Zelda title. It’s always neat when you see inspiration for the Zelda series appear in other games.

I for one really hope Nintendo gets involved and gives Mystwalker, the developer behind this game, the means with which to release the game in the western world. This appears in every way to be a “must play” rpg game, and the fact it is exclusive to the Wii really gets us all teary eyed. Finally people are giving the Wii due credit. Even Destructoid noted that The Last Story is most likely great BECAUSE it’s a Wii game, and is assuredly better than what Final Fantasy 13 ever was.

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