Zelda Wii ArtEveryone by now is aware of the rumor mill we posted yesterday, and, magically, today some more rumors show up. This time, they come from the NeoGaf forums stating that an Italian website, weeks ago, reported rumors about Zelda Wii that were finally translated. Luckily for you folks, I happen to have an Italian speaking family member who I immediately messaged with the site’s URL to see what they could come up with. This time around? Nothing. The new rumors (today’s batch) are false. Curious people hop inside to find out what they were anyway.

  • The development of the game began in February 2006
  • The development team is the largest ever used by Nintendo
  • The game will implement many ideas never seen a video game ever
  • The use of the Wii Motion Plus will be a essential component for the dynamics of the game
  • The new Link will be much more mature, but the dark atmospheres of Twilight Princess
  • The Master Sword will play a key role
  • Only game that uses 100% of Wii hardware
  • The appearance of Link will be renovated, but not be completely unprecedented
  • The plot will be the most articulate ever devised for a Zelda title
  • May be the last chapter of the saga

Outside of the fact that some of the rumors contradict the ones yesterday, my cousin finished scouring that site and found none of these supposed rumors present. The site is called Spazio Games, and here is what they have for Zelda Wii. Likewise, if you sift through all their news for the last two months, you will notice that these rumors are not present. Turns out, I didn’t even need my cousin to figure this one out, but he looked just in case. In short, we are calling BS, and while it could possibly just be poking fun at the rumors from yesterday, at least the ones from yesterday have an interesting source.

With that, be sure to take all future rumors with a grain of salt unless I say otherwise. Rumors are just that, and I’ll try my best to prove or disprove whatever claims people are making. I already told you what we know about Zelda Wii, and I’ll continue to tell you as things progress.

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