linknotlinkDuring Nintendo’s E3 presentation, the first preview of the new Zelda Wii U game was showcased in just a short trailer. Now, because of the ambiguity present in the video and the art style that combines element of The Wind Waker and Skyward Sword, some fans speculated that perhaps the character wasn’t Link at all! Well, in an interview with Aonuma, Venture Beat had some idea that the speculation may be right after all.

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After the unveiling of the trailer at E3, Mike Minotti had the chance to discuss the trailer with Eiji Aonuma. One of the items brought up is how Link looks in the trailer compared to past games, mainly Link’s appearance and new clothing style. After being asked about it, Aonuma simply replied, “No one explicitly said that that was Link.”

Of course, removing Link entirely from a Zelda game would be quite a huge deal, and though Aonuma has wanted to change up the traditional Zelda formula for the upcoming games, I’m not convinced this is what he had in mind. Already this new game is based on an open world setting, giving the player more freedom to tackle the challenges in any order, similar to A Link Between Worlds. This was probably just an art style choice, and will be revealed to be Link after all.

For some clarification, you can check out a Zelda Universe article here.

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Source: Venture Beat, Zelda Universe

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