UPDATE #3: Eiji Aonuma has given a short interview talking about the Zelda Tech Demo for the Nintendo Wii U. He basically says that this was strictly a tech demo and will have no bearing on what the next Zelda Wii U title looks or plays like. He seemed to make a reference to the SpaceWorld 2000 Zelda Demo, in which many fans thought that would be what The Wind Waker looked like. However, it turned out that The Wind Waker had a completely different art style. Putting it in simple terms… this demo means practically nothing for Zelda’s future. Come inside to see the full tech demo, as well as high quality screenshots.

UPDATE #2: The folks over at IGN have a full video explaining everything you need to know about how this tech demo runs on the Nintendo Wii U. As was confirmed earlier, the game is just a tech demo and it is meant to show how a Zelda game could possibly appear on the new Nintendo console. It is NOT a new Zelda title. It’s very much built around Twilight Princess, given the inventory item models, as well as the fact that it looks like Link is battling with Armogohma. Earlier information and high quality screen captures can be seen after the jump.

UPDATE #1: According to the folks at Zelda Informer, this was nothing more than a tech demo and it is not a brand new Zelda game or a remake. You can see two high quality still shots along with the information about the demo after the jump.

Nintendo’s new console is officially titled WiiU. During the press conference there was a demo showing a number of games being played on the WiiU… including a Legend of Zelda title! Strangely enough, they showed off Twilight Princess except with significantly better graphics. Check out the two high quality images after the jump.

The “new” Zelda game shown in the WiiU trailer, which is coming to the site soon ™, has been proven to be a tech demo. The information originated on Kotaku, but was later on confirmed by our own at-the-scene guy Alex, who is soiling his pants while playing the new Skyward Sword demo as we speak. The demo shows a fight between Link and Gohma in the temple of time in a pre-rendered cinematic.

Wait, did I say pre-rendered? I meant dynamic cinematic in which you can adjust the camera angle and switch between day and night time. And it looks that way (videore-posted here for reference). Do I need to say any more at this point? Apparently there have been some “if’s” and “maybe’s” on the scene being thrown around by Nintendo personnel, but no new Zelda game is being announced at this point.

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