New Zelda Four Swords Gameplay Footage

The folks over at Nintendo Everything have some new footage for the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Four Swords for the Nintendo DSi. The video shows off both the multiplayer and also how the single player mode will work. It isn’t explicitly clear at first, but if you look closely at the top-right corner of the screen, you can tell if the mode is in single player or multiplayer. If only the green icon is shown, than it is multiplayer just as it was on the Game Boy Advanced 8 years ago. There are several clips within this video showcasing material that is identical to the original game.

However, if you see both the green icon and the red icon, this is the new single player mode that is now available. Much like Four Swords Adventures, it appears that you can just switch between the two players at any point. Once you have one of the players selected, the other one will just lay on the ground and you presumably will be able to pick them up and toss them over to nearby ledges to solve puzzles. We also have confirmation that you will be able to align the players in a set position, controlling more than one Link at at time, much like Four Swords Adventures.

Four Swords is set for release on September 28th, 2011. It will be available for free to download on the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS. However, the free download is only available until February 20th, 2012. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming game.

Source: Nintendo Everything via GoNintendo

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