It appears the past week or so has been Speedrun heaven, as we’ve seen our 3rd record breaking Speedrun of a Zelda game, but this time for a game other than Ocarina of Time. It’s counterpart, Majora’s Mask, had a new record set just today. This was a new world record for an Any% run, which meant that yes, glitches are allowed. I know the use of glitches is a point of contention for many, but it’s also something a large contingency of fans enjoy. Just remember, this is one speedrun category, and there are others that don’t allow for glitches. However, those records are not broken often, which is why they tend to get less coverage.

That being said, this is a really impressive run that EnNop112 pulls off in 1:27:09. You can naturally watch the entire run above.

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