New Weapons Link Should Wield

Link with ItemsLink has arguably the largest arsenal of weapons in video game history. Since his debut over 25 years ago, he has carried with him some bulky tools such as a raft and ladder, as well as his more commonplace weapons, including the bow, hammer, bombs, and boomerang. What is so memorable about his collection, however, is that most of his items are just as much tools as they are weapons. In fact, I rarely use some of Link’s items for attack, even though they effectively damage enemies. Bombs expose hidden paths, the Hookshot/Clawshots help you reach distant areas, and the bow can nail faraway targets. So why does Link’s arsenal need expanding? Well, it doesn’t, I suppose. However I believe this to be unlikely, as the Zelda team is known for its ingenuity, creating new items (or at least new applications for old items) in every game. Not to mention, fans would be disappointed to not see new items revealed. So I’d like to start an open discussion about what items you think Link should wield in the future. They can be weapons, tools, or a combination of both. There are three weapons in particular that I would like to see, but everyone is encouraged to contribute their own opinions in the comments section. Hit the jump to read more!

Dual Swords

LeonardoBefore anyone goes biting my head off, let me make one thing clear: No, I am not suggesting that dual swords take the place of Link’s standard sword and shield combination. Like the Biggoron Sword, dual swords should act as an alternate option for those looking to spice up their battles. Link has always been a master swordsman, so why not upgrade his skills by doubling the blades? Twin swords are not an uncommon concept. Just off the top of my head, I can think of several examples of fictional characters fighting with two blades: Leonardo from the TMNT franchise, several Jedi from Star Wars movies/programs, and even Kano from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Kano may be a tad more obscure of a reference, but his windmill-like combos with his butterfly knives stick out to me as an example of the moves Link could possess. In some games, continuous button mashing makes Link pulls off more fluent sword attacks. With two swords, Nintendo could open up an entirely new set of moves for our favorite hero, and I think he would look “twice” as cool. Seriously.


Fox McCloudHere’s one that I’m actually shocked has never been featured in a Zelda game. It’s a very popular weapon which, like the dual swords, can be very effective in battle. Characters that have wielded this handy tool include Donatello of TMNT, Darth Maul from Star Wars, and Fox McCloud in Star Fox Adventures. Nintendo has already dabbled in staff combat in Star Fox Adventures, and though I feel that that fighting system shouldn’t be copied for a Zelda game, some of the same ideas could be implemented, such as spinning the staff to deal quick and consecutive blows. This weapon could also act as a tool for Link to reach distant areas. No, I’m saying it should have the range of the Hookshot, but perhaps Link could use it as a crutch to leap over large gaps, similar to Donatello’s special attack in Turtles in Time. This would be a natural application for the weapon, and would remove the need for a conveniently placed Hookshot target on the wall. I’m sure the Zelda team could come up with some truly unique ideas involving this already versatile item.

Battle Axe

Iron KnuckleUnlike the previous two items, the Battle Axe would not be a graceful weapon with which Link could pull off some impressive combos. This thing be pure force that requires preparation to even swing. Off the top of my head, I can’t really remember any video game characters who wield such a massive weapon, but we can find plenty of great examples in previous Zelda games. Think about the Megaton Hammer from Ocarina of Time, or the gigantic Skull Hammer from The Wind Waker, only with a blade on the end. Or how about Koloktos’ Swords from Skyward Sword? Its similarities to the Hammer seen in previous titles would not make this the most inventive new Zelda item, but it’s such a popular weapon in medieval lore that it seems unusual to not include it in a Zelda game eventually! Its application as a tool could be as simple as copying the Iron Knuckle’s ability in Ocarina of Time: destroy pillars. The item could even be obtained but defeating an Iron Knuckle wielding it, much like the Darkhammer’s Ball & Chain form Twilight Princess. Remember having to lug around that huge steel ball in the Eagle’s Tower of Link’s Awakening (and losing it repeatedly)? Imagine such a dungeon where you have to demolish structural columns that hold up the floor above. This would be epic to see in a 3D Zelda game, and a hulking battle axe would be a great choice of weapon to take out those pillars!

What do you all think? Do you agree or disagree with the weapons I mentioned? Which weapons would you like to see in a Zelda game? Comment below, and let’s talk about it!

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