IMG_2796 In a new five and a half minute trailer for Tri Force Heroes, the plight of Princess Styla is detailed by the woman herself. After describing her curse, she explains that she needs heroes to get her style back and that players can join up with friends or anyone online. The number of dungeons, the use of items, and other gameplay elements are briefly covered. Then Styla introduces Madame Couture, the use of outfits, and the colosseum mode. During all of this you’ll be treated to her quirky comedy and prissy shrieks, so check out the trailer after the jump!

This game gets increasingly eccentric by the hour, and I’m loving it. Although I would’ve preferred a more serious storyline for the game, it looks like a piece of Japanese-exclusive gold that escaped country limits so I’m still looking forward to it. Since we’ve already made it to October, the wait is nearly over everyone.

What did you think of our new Princess, Styla? Does this trailer do a good job of presenting the game to old and new fans alike? Is there anything about Tri Force Heroes that just really bothers you? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube

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