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Scott HurstGreetings to all of you Zelda fans across the world! My name is Scott and I am the newest staff member on the content management team here at Zelda Dungeon. Some of you out there may know me as my former internet alias, Zephka, when I held a webmaster position over at Zelda Universe from 2002 until late 2004. Some of my work at ZU can still be found at ZeldaWiki and recycled on many fan sites across the internet. Recent changes in my busy and turbulent life have enabled me to begin contributing to the Zelda community once again, but over the years changes have been set in place that have disrupted what this community used to be about, a love for the game. I believe that Zelda Dungeon is the future of groundbreaking coverage and information, and I am astounded at the team that surrounds this database. It is for these reasons that I have decided to begin working here, and I hope you will all enjoy what I have to offer this website. I truly believe in Mases’ vision for this website and I am fully confident that as a team we can forge a new standard of quality content for all the fans of this beloved series. With help from current staff, I have begun working on coverage for the newly announced Skyward Sword, some of which you can already find in the game’s many pages. I am proud to be a member of such a wonderful work environment and I hope to speak with all of you again in the near future.

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