Just when we thought we’ve found everything in regards to speedrunning the beloved N64 entry, speedrunner Exodus122 has found another glitch in Ocarina of Time that enables the player to equip items anytime, both as kid and adult Link.

The method works like this: The player must enter the item subscreen and mark the cursor over the item they wish to equip, then move with either Z or L to the equipment screen or map, respectively. After that, the player must return to the item screen, but here is where the glitch starts: on the right frame of the subscreen returning to the item screen, the player must hold a direction to make the cursor move to the first item from that side of the screen, which must be an item the player can normally equip, then press a C button right as the item screen is almost done moving.

That might sound a bit complicated, but the video above, made by Exodus122, explains it quite well.

This newfound glitch can potentially help speedrunners shave some time from the world record, which stands at 17 minutes and 09 seconds for any%, and 4 hours and 15 minutes for 100%.

The glitch makes it possible to effectively beat the Fire Temple as Child Link. On this matter, speedrunner ZFG1, the current world record holder in 100% category, said that “this was possible before, but required becoming adult first and going back to child, and involved a very long and complicated setup”.

ZFG1 also stated that this glitch can be used in speedrunning Majora’s Mask as well, since it “has a major use by duplicating Zora eggs and skipping most of Pirates Fortress and all of Pinnacle Rock saving several minutes”.

There could be many more uses to this glitch, making the route possibilities for Ocarina of Time nearly endless. All of a sudden,  this nearly-20-year-old game seems like a brand new game once more.

Source: Kotaku

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