There may be a lot of talk about Ocarina of Time speedruns, but The Legend of Zelda on NES still has its own active speedrunning community. An elusive goal of LoZ Any% speedrunners has been to ultimately finish the game in less than 30 minutes, a goal many prominent runners have been steadily inching toward over the last year. Earlier this week, speedrunner LackAttack24 made history by achieving this goal and setting a new world record for the classic title, finishing the game in 29 minutes and 56 seconds.

LackAttack24 set the record streaming on Twitch on March 31st. The Legend of Zelda Any% speedruns involve a great deal of movement optimization and item drop management, and a bit of luck as well. LackAttack24 experienced a few scares during his run, most of them dealing with a low bomb count in his inventory. Bombs are crucial when dealing with Dark Nuts and other high-level enemies, so a speedrunner relies on bomb drops to succeed. The runner of course pulled through and maintained a world record pace throughout the run.

LackAttack24 bobbed and weaved unbelievably fast through the game’s last dungeon. After making quick work of Ganon in the final room, the runner could not believe his success. He remained speechless for a few moments in order to comprehend what had just taken place. This is an absolutely monumental achievement and I hope to see what LackAttack24 does next.

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