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New Layout!

NOTICE: The links at the top are not working for Internet Explorer 7 users. We have put a Temporary game menu navigation along the right side of the site until we fix this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: The layout transfer is just about complete. If you are using Internet Explorer version 7 or earlier, there might be some errors and we are working to correct them. If you are experiencing any errors PLEASE report them, along with your browser name and version. Thanks for bearing with us.

The next Zelda title for the Wii is just around the corner! In preparation for this, we here at Zelda Dungeon have been steadily working the behind the scenes the last few months to optimize our site interface and implement new features that will make our walkthroughs and guides better than ever. The site will run faster, smoother, and supports the various browsers better than our past layouts have before.

One of our major changes has been to remove the sidebar for page navigation. We had stuff at the top and also on the side, and we felt it really added to confusion. To try and simplify things as well as acquire more room for our pages, we have removed the side navigation entirely and have moved all of the pages to the top with convenient drop downs which will allow you to access most areas of the site within a single click. In previous layouts it took several steps to find what you were looking for and get you back on your quest in the game.

One of the previous problems we had with the old layout was the forums. Internet Explorer 7 had this nasty habit of hiding the login info, making users unable to login at all! This new layout solves that problem, among others, however, if you still use IE7, we recommend updating to Internet Explorer 8 or use Fire Fox (my personal favorite). This will make your computer more secure, and speed up your internet browsing.

We have tested this new layout several times with multiple browsers, however, if something doesn’t work, there is a broken link, or you discover something totally wonky, please feel free to contact us through the forums or post a comment below!

We hope you enjoy our new layout and please post comments or concerns! We would be very thankful for feedback!

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