There are numerous ways we can continue to make games interesting long after we’ve accomplished everything the developers intended. For some, speedrunning is their way to go, opting to complete the game as fast as possible in any way possible. Others enjoy trying to pull off incredible feats with the limitations before them, creating insane trick shots and works of in-game art. However, there is an art nearly as old as the concept of Machinima itself, pioneered by gamers and even the idea of our own Zelda Warfare series: the challenge race. Just such a challenge is featured on this week’s Nintendo Minute, dubbed the Breath of the Wild Triathlon Challenge.

As most people have had their eyes on the newly released Skyward Sword HD,  the folks over on Nintendo Minute have been highlighting Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild quite a bit this month. A couple weeks ago, a number of Breath of the Wild trick shots were shown off on the series. Seems feats of impressive skill weren’t enough though, and the crew is back for a little healthy competition. Over the course of the episode, hosts Kit and Krysta put themselves to the grind, competing in a three part challenge of bomb throwing, shield surfing, and rock throwing. They also argue about UI and controls for a bit, but that’s not part of the competition.

You can check out the episode right up above or on YouTube. If you’re a little short for time, there’s also a highlight reel on Nintendo of America’s Twitter.

What are your thoughts? What self-imposed game challenges have you put on yourself? Do you play with inverted controls? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo

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