While we don’t have any new screenshots or video to show you, we do have a few more details about the game itself, specifically in terms of changes to the combat when compared to prior Dynasty Warrior games. Official Nintendo Magazine did a rather lengthy interview with the Director/Producer of the entire Dynasty Warriors series, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to reveal a lot of new revelations for Hyrule Warriors. Still, we were able to find a few notable quotes specifically related to Hyrule Warriors.

In terms of combat itself, equippable sub-weapons and neat dodge mechanics are both brand new elements, while Zelda’s monstrous bosses make for more interesting targets than ‘another muscled guy in a fancy hat’. Seeing more tactical play unfold around a fight against a fireball-belching, somersault-attacking Dodongo laying waste to Hyrule Castle’s guards has us very excited for other historic horrors we could be seeing fill our screens.

You can’t help feel that Omega Force has struck gold. As Koinuma himself says, he’s “been rejected many times” for other licensing ideas, but the sheer appeal of this one, to Warriors and Zelda fans, eastern and western, and the history behind it gives it an incredible amount of material with which to work.

The way it works with it could be the most interesting part of all. There’s a huge amount that Omega Force can’t talk about yet – whether the game will use Warriors’ confined battlefields or Zelda’s more open worlds, what the story could centre around and, most importantly, who else we’ll be playing as – but you can tell every element is up for consideration.

It’s not much, but one take away from this interview was clear: They are very passionate about this project. We can only hope it all comes together in a package we can all enjoy.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine

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