Nintendo has been releasing strings of videos throughout the day, making sure anything that was not covered in yesterday’s Super Smash Bros. livestream event becomes clear. Alongside these other videos, Nintendo uploaded a new Amiibo trailer presenting us not only with new information about eight player smash and how Amiibo works, but also some notable adjustments have been made to Link’s figure.

If we compare the old version of Link’s Amiibo to the one shown in today’s video, the first thing you will most likely notice is that a thick yellow rod now replaces the thin see-through stick which was used as a support for Link’s pose. At the moment all we can do is speculate as to why this change was introduced, although, to me, it seems most likely that, in testing, Link broke off his base too frequently. Another change I noticed was that Link’s hat seems to have been placed slightly more upright, and flows more naturally than before.

Aside from the differences to Link’s figurine, this cringeworthy advertisement also shows off Amiibo support in eight player smash, in which a player can introduce an Amiibo into the fight and form a team lead by a single person. This also introduces certain tactical aspects, as eight fighter team games can now be played by only four people. One point the advertisement tries to get across is that you’ll have to train your Amiibo extensively before you’ll be able to fight against certain other players with high level Amiibos.

Check out the full advertisement above the article! Also, let us know what you think of the changes made to Link’s Amiibo and how you’ll be able to use him and other figures in eight player smash!

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