A-Link-Between-Worlds-Walkthrough-Art-NewZelda’s iconic themes of the past are frequently seen returning in many forms throughout later games. A Link Between Worlds, the newest title in the series, has shown to follow this trend, with trailers consistently showing new renditions of songs from its prequel A Link to the Past. The incorporation of remastered yet familiar music has become a staple in more recent games, but despite the widespread love for the tunes of A Link to the Past, it is still absolutely necessary to add new pieces of music to the game. Nintendo seems to have found a way to both reuse old themes and add new music all within one song! Using tactics seen in previous games such as Skyward Sword and Majora’s Mask, the composers put an interesting spin on a fan-favorite classic!

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This song, shown in a recent trailer, is an epic reversed rendition of the theme from Hyrule Castle. Introduced in A Link to the Past this song has become extremely popular among fans and game-developers alike, with the theme re-appearing in many Zelda games since then. This new backwards tune is of unknown importance and has not yet been named, but it surely sounds fantastic.

This is not the first time a reversed theme has appeared in a Zelda game, with beautiful tunes like “Song of Healing” or “Ballad of the Goddess” stemming from “Saria’s Song” and “Zelda’s” Lullaby respectively. It just proves that a Zelda song is beautiful no matter which way you play it.

I personally expect to see this song played as a dungeon theme in Lorule. Maybe we will see a Dark Hyrule Castle, which would act as a counterpart to to the castle that exists in Hyrule. It’s all speculation, but it could be an interesting idea.

So what do you think? Where do you think this song will be used? Would you like to see more reversed Zelda themes in future games? Leave your comments below!

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