Behold!Well, that was quick, just last night I reported how Nintendo stated Netflix will arrive before the summer’s end, and now the Netflix app will be available to download in the eShop on Thursday! That’s pretty sweet. I’ll probably end up downloading it myself just try it out, however, without any 3D movie support I’ll probably just stick to watching netflix on the go with my iPhone, cause you know, the whole 3G thing. For those of you who’re interested in Netflix, they offer a $7.99 a month streaming service, and you get a lot of great content, for a low price.

I’m kind of hoping Netflix does add 3D support for the 3DS. It’d be pretty awesome to re-watch some movies in their 3D form. Also it’d probably help boost sales of 3D TVs, as there’d be more 3D content readily available for them, and probably get people who’ve already bought 3D TVs to subscribe to netflix. Everybody wins!

So, any of you going to download the app? Are you going to subscribe to netflix now that your sexy 3DS can stream videos?

Source: GoNintendo

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