As in every NES Remix Nintendo has released up to this point, the Legend of Zelda series features heavily in the newest addition: Ultimate NES Remix. The usual NES Remix formula is present, where you perform seperate challenges following up on each other, all in the same time limit.

The above video portrays The Legend of Zelda‘s appearance, the start of the game being the first challenge. Sadly enough the challenges we see in the video aren’t very, well, challenging. They range from walking somewhere, killing enemies and following arrows. Although this is probably just a fragment of what the game has to offer, and Nintendo most likely didn’t want to give away harder segments.

What the game has to offer seems interesting; taking NES classics such as The Legend of Zelda, creating challenges out of seperate segments of the games, which then creates a sense of discovery looking for the answer, and porting it all down into a handheld format works better than playing the game at home on a Wii U.

Do you think the game is worth picking up? Does it work better on a 3DS? Hit us up with a comment down below!

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