Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 6.58.38 AMHey Listen! Rosanna Pansino the host of Nerdy Nummies, a “geeky cooking show” on YouTube wants to teach us how to make some pretty cute Navi inspired “Navi Nilla Pops”. In the video, Rosanna gives you a list of all the ingredients you will need, and shows you step by step how to make these winged goodies. Previously on Nerdy Nummies we have seen a lot of video game inspired deliciousness being made, so I was very happy to see a creation inspired by The Legend of Zelda franchise which seems to have come about from fan requests!

Head past the jump to see these yummy little pops being made.

Watch Out! Those little Navi pops look pretty tasty and a great way to take out your frustrations if you were ever annoyed by Navi’s loving words, just bite her wings off! If you are interested in checking out other video game, sci-fi, or anime inspired goodies, check out Rosanna’s YouTube channel here!

What did you think of these Navi Nilla Pops, will you be making some? What other tasty treat would you like to see inspired by The Legend of Zelda?

Source: YouTube

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