Navi Artwork

Navi is by far the most widely hated character in The Legend of Zelda series; in fact, she would be a top contender for the most hated character in all of gaming. At first she’s slightly helpful if you don’t know what you’re doing and struggle with such tasks as talking to people or opening doors. Then 13 years later she’s still there telling us how to open doors, giving advice that has about a 1/100 chance of actually being helpful, preventing us from pressing C Up to look around in first person, and of course, never shutting up.

On the other side, there is a really strong cult-like fanbase of Navi lovers out there. Exactly how people can like that sparkley blob is beyond me, but I do like to entertain the notion that there is more to Navi than meets the eye. It’s fair to say that majority of Navi’s hate is more hate for the sake of hate, because it’s fun to do so. Hardcore haters of Navi are few, hardcore fans are few, and almost everyone else is part of the pseudo hate club. What about you: are you a true Navi fan, a hater, or just going along with the crowd.

The only thing Navi deserves credit for is the whole Z-Targetting thing – without that… well how would we even begin if there hadn’t been Z-targetting. Many say Ocarina of Time starts with its worst moment – meeting Navi – and builds up to its best moment in the climactic ending – when Navi leaves. Some even say that the Ganondorf fight is the best boss of the game because Navi is “held back”.

And all of this leads into a nice little paradox to be pondered. Players may have been happy when Navi left, but Link wasn’t – hence Majora’s Mask happened. But I thought Link was supposed to be an empty shell filled by the players. So if we hate Navi, then Link does as well. Confusing. Anyway, what are your feelings about Navi? Be sure to sound off in the comments below.

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