The Legend of Zelda is a franchise with an incredibly creative fan base. Many fans are aspiring musicians and professionals alike. You will find a wide variety of instruments being used by said fans, anywhere from guitars to ocarinas. The YouTube channel known as MysteryGuitarMan has paid tribute to the series by playing the iconic Overworld theme with PVC pipes. The performance is a very catchy and creative take on the theme.

If you’re interested in viewing this video, click the jump and enjoy!

If it counts, Zelda music is by far one of my favorite genres to listen to. In some cases, fan music sounds better than the original piece itself. I really enjoyed this video and feel it exceeded my expectations on how a Zelda theme would sound performed in this manner. What did you think of this video? Did you enjoy the Overworld theme on PVC pipes? Let us know in the comment section below!

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