Ocarina of Time 3D

Just like last time around, I wanted to share my thoughts and impressions on the latest Ocarina of Time video from Nintendo of Japan.

It’s not long now until all of this will be a thing of the past because we’ll all have it within our own hands and be able to make our own decisions on the game. From what looks good to what looks bad – read on for everything that stood out to me this time around.

  • Despite what some of our commenters have said, I like the new look of the jumping, fighting and running animations. All of Link’s animations look great in my opinion.
  • *Insert love and OMG like-comments for the details* as always. Look at that brickwork, vines, rocks, floors, walls and water.
  • None of the music heard is orchestrated – including Hyrule Field – so we still have no idea what the one orchestrated track in the game is.
  • I really don’t like the new look of the blocks – similarly to the switches last time around – but different doesn’t mean bad. I just need to suck it up there.
  • The slingshot has a more realistic look, with a proper area where the seeds are loaded. It also helps with aiming.
  • The tentacles in Jabu Jabu are electrified, in addition to the new spikes, and also have a new cool animation when they are defeated.
  • Inside Jabu Jabu has new door designs, and looks overall more “bloody”, and like you’re in the guts of a fish. Yummy.
  • Ocarina warp pads have had an overhaul. They have the corresponding colored medallion on them, as well as a yellow Triforce. Looking mighty fine.
  • Not new, but an icon appears in the right hand corner of the 3D screen when gyroscoping is available.
  • Link walking with the iron boots on (when not in water) looks really retarded – like his arms are just dead dangling limbs.
  • Triforce Crests where you have to play Zelda’s Lullaby now have the Triforce in yellow (the game is overall more colorful)
  • There are new background animations for when you play a song on your Ocarina – looking really cool.
  • The playing of the new ocarina songs is going to be a big nuisance for returning players.
  • Cows now have massively oversized nose-rings that almost hang down to the ground.
  • Link doing his “da na na na naaaaah” and raising new items in the air has a new smoother looking animation.

I’d like to lock Ocarina of Time 3D in as my final answer. The question, of course, was “what game remake in history has gotten you the most excited?” Just over two weeks remain for some of you, and four weeks for others. Stay tuned as we give you more details, as we legally can, from our press copy of the game.

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