My Thoughts on the Official Zelda TimelineAlright, so lately there’s been a lot of talk about the latest Zelda news, which is the Hyrule Historia book. That’s what this video is about, as I’m sure you can glean from the title. I’ve received questions about the book numerous times the last week, but I didn’t answer them on the mailbag because I’ve been planning this video, so now you can hear me thoughts on it. You can view the video here or check out the embed after the jump. I hope you enjoy!

I’m sure regular mailbag viewers will know that I rarely discuss the timeline outside of the major canonical connections that have been confirmed. Never been a really big timeline guy, and I’ve usually found all the major timeline theorizing to be kind of annoying. That said I do actually have some thoughts on the Hyrule Historia timeline, not all of them positive, but not all of them negative either.

So what about you guys? Can you guess any of the music in the background? And what are your thoughts on this timeline mess? Were you into the timeline much before, and whether you were or not, what are your thoughts on the new timeline? Do you agree with anything I’ve said? Do you think this timeline is here to stay? Tell me in the comments!

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