The Champions’ Ballad DLC is finally here and Zelda fans aren’t the only ones celebrating. My Nintendo is offering some great Zelda inspired rewards, including two wallpapers featuring images related to the DLC; Link on the Master Cycle Zero and a group shot of the five champions, each going for 50 Platinum Points. These will be up for grabs until March 31st, 2018, so don’t miss your chance to snatch them!

Also available for a short amount of time are the following rewards:

Breath of the Wild: A Wide Word 3DS Theme: 20 Gold Points until 2/10/18

40% Discount on A Link to the Past for 3DS/Wii U: 250 Platinum Points until 2/10/18

40% Discount on Tri Force Heroes for 3DS: 120 Gold Points until 2/10/18

40% Discount on Skyward Sword for the Wii U: 50 Gold Points until 2/10/18 (Online Access – Skyward Sword Prima guide is also available for 20 Gold Points, and has no time limit.)

40% Discount on Majora’s Mask 3D for the 3DS: 120 Gold Points until 1/3/18

What do you guys think of these awesome rewards? Are there any you’re interested in spending your My Nintendo points on? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: My Nintendo

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