Recently, Famitsu revealed that a new My Fairy system and an adventure map from The Wind Waker would be in Hyrule Warriors Legends. Now, translated details from the full article have been posted online.

Read the full list of translated details here:

  • My Fairy

– in adventure mode, find some fairies by examining pots

– you can befriend them

– doing so allows you to take one with you as a “My Fairy”

– it will help you during battle with its powers

– you can only bring one fairy with you

– its best to take one based on the element attribute of the map

– ability to customize fairies

– give some food to your fairies to change their personalities

– the higher the difficulty, the more effective the food becomes

– fairies will level up and they will be able to learn new skills

– a screen shows a fairy with 3 skills rented from friends, and 1 skill from the player

– give some clothes to your fairies in order to change their look

– special costumes based on characters from The Legend of Zelda series (such as Princess Zelda or Fi)

– there’s also a Famitsu costume, available exclusively via the magazine

– facilities where you can take care of your fairies includes:

Dining Room: that’s where you go to feed them

Salon: that’s where you go to change their clothes

School: that’s where you go to change their rental skills

Party: you can exchange skills with other players via local wireless and then rent them at any time

  • Adventure Mode

– Adventure Mode gets a new map, the Great Sea from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

– complete the various missions on this map to get costumes for returning and new characters

– items available in the Great Sea map include:

Wind Waker: removes Wind Walls, so you can pass through them.

Salvage Arm: you can use it to unlock new rewards.

Sea Map: when you use it, a Fishman appears and draws enemy locations on map (which unlocks new battles).

Cannon: destroys enemy ships, which removes disadvantageous rules from the battle.

Hero’s Bow: allows you to get rid of whirlpools, in order to remove disadvantageous rules from the battle.

Boomerang: you can use it to defeat Big Octos, in order to remove disadvantageous rules from the battle.

Hyoi Pear: just like in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, you can use it to lure seagulls. They will discover hidden treasures for you, which unlocks new rewards.

Power Bracelets: you can move Stone Heads with those, in order to unlock new battles.

Hammer: you can hit switches with it, in order to unlock new battles.

Deku Leaf: you can use it on a windmill in order to reveal hidden staircases, in order to unlock new rewards.

– DLC maps for Adventure Mode in the Wii U version will be available from the get go in Hyrule Warriors Legends

– you will not have to buy and/or unlock them again

– you will not be able to transfer them back to the Wii U version

  • Network Links

– these have been replaced by StreetPass Links

– when you get one from another player, they will appear in one of the maps

– if you help them, you will get some rewards

I certainly wasn’t expecting the My Fairy system to be this in-depth and complex. It certainly makes me wonder if this system will be transferable to the Wii U as well for those who would rather play in HD. What are your thoughts on all these new

Hyrule Warriors Legends details? Let us know in the comment section.

Source: Perfectly Nintendo (via GoNintendo)

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