By now, Operation Moonfall is a pretty well known project among most Zelda fans who have an internet connection, and there are many people who have already contributed to it becoming better known—this image by idleideas is one such example, as is this wonderful piece of art by Joe Hogan. Today’s piece is contributed by Spanish musician Sergio Sánchez, or PhoenixWing, who delivers this amazing arrangement of the Stone Tower Temple. It certainly provides a refreshing take on this tune, as the piano that sustains the melody is accompanied by multiple other instruments that go a little off-track to provide a very subjective impression of this much beloved song.

It still remains to be seen whether such efforts will make Nintendo take action, although,

as I have argued before, all the facts seem to show that this will be the case. With more than 40.000 fans on facebook and more than 55.000 signatures, we could certainly hope it will be fruitful, although it is unclear when this remake will be produced—assuming it’s not already in the makings. To know more about Operation Moonfall, check these articles:

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