The theme of Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Time has seen its fair share of reinterpretations. Over the years, the theme has been performed in metal, jazz, and dance styles, just to name a few. But in a recent cover by musician Ace Waters, Gerudo Valley experienced a new layer of musical intricacy, as rock guitar, brass instruments, synthesizers, and more converge to create a bold reimagining of the classic tune.

This Gerudo Valley cover acts as the final entry to Waters’ collection of Zelda Month songs. Described as a “ridiculous, progressive synth-chip folk rock jamboree,” the arrangement takes so many stylistic twists and turns; it’s a musical adventure in every sense. I especially love the final segment of the piece, when Waters breaks out the acoustic guitar, and the trumpet and saxophone join in. The cover features RichaadEB on electric guitar and Waters’ wife of trumpet.

If you’d like to hear more by Ace Waters, be sure to check out his other Zelda Month submissions, including a cover of Faron Woods theme.

And as a special holiday gift, the musician has made all of his Zelda Month tracks available on his Bandcamp page. The entire collection is pay-what-you-want, so be sure to pick it up and show your support.

What do you think of this Gerudo Valley cover? What was your favorite Zelda Month song by Ace Waters this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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