MM clock town music easter egg TFHWe have already shared with you that you that in a fantastic little mini-game found in the lobby of Tri Force Heroes you can discover some music from previous titles but in a recent GameXplain video they showed off little more of what they found. When the player uncovers a ball that acts as a music box they can hit it and it will play various tunes, including the Clock Town theme.

Check out the video of the Easter egg after the jump!

It seems as if you need to keep the ball in the air to make sure the music keeps on playing and it is a very cool Easter egg that would be great to find in the game. I look forward to finding cool secrets such as this when I play through the game with friends.

What do you think of the Easter egg and how many do you think you will uncover when you play? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.

Source: YouTube (via: GameXplain)