MSNBC: Did you miss an opportunity by not introducing a new version of the Wii?

Reggie: You know, we had a new version of the Wii: it was red, and that did phenomenally well on a global basis as we celebrated Mario’s 25th anniversary.

If you’ll remember, as we reported last weekend, it did so phenomenally well that Wii sales continually surpassed Xbox 360 sales over the holiday season despite the Kinect. Yet commentator Todd Kenreck seems to take it as an evasion of the question of whether a Wii successor will debut soon, and of the “threat” that Kinect supposedly poses to the Wii’s dominance this generation:

The Wii has been hugely successful, no doubt. But it is now four years old and its sales have been on the decline. And with both the PlayStation Move and Xbox’s Kinect motion control devices having strong showings in 2010 this is the year Nintendo needs to up its game.

I do not think that the past tense is warranted here, sir; the Wii continues to outperform its competition even in the wake of their new motion control input devices, and with 2011 promising more great Wii software like Skyward Sword and the brand-new 3DS to boot, it doesn’t appear that Nintendo has anything to be afraid of at present.

Source: In-Game MSNBC

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