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We here at Zelda Informer pride ourself in the quality of our work. Our articles are top notch, our content is as fantastic as can be, our forums are a large mass of pulsating awesome, and our staff are gods among the tubes of the Internet. And with that, we bring you an idea created by our overlord, Dennis (or Captain Cornflake.) On our forums, we asked our members to create their very best Zelda Comic in MS Paint and post it on the forums. Needless to say, the quality was beyond what we would’ve ever imagined. Caravaggio would be ashamed to be seen next to these great works of art. Rembrant would weep tears of glory and sadness at the greatness he never achieved. Michaelangelo would whitewash the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, as nothing less glorious than these MS Paint web comics should never be seen by human eyes again.

And with that, I bring you our very first MS Paint comic. I’ll be releasing them sporadicly, most likely twice or three times a week, but of course if you really want to they are on our forums already. If you would like to achieve greatness and post your creation on the forums, please do so here. So with no further ado, here is our first comic by Chesu.

MS Paint Zelda 1 by Chesu

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