link zelda spirit tracksMike Damiani, formerly known as TSA, got his hands on the final preview build of Spirit Tracks. He has revealed to use some new multiplayer details, as well as tons of spoiler information through the first two dungeons in the game and some really juicy story details. I have taken his rather lengthy report and ripped out all the new information and presented it in a list format, similar to what I have done in the past. So, hop inside if your ready for spoiler heaven. And I know you so totally are..

– Option for right or left handed players

– Niko is confirmed to be the one from The Wind Waker

– Link falls asleep while Niko is talking to him, and apparently a possible reference to Majora’s Mask is made

– Link and Niko are roommates in a seaside village called Aboda

– New Postman – he can no longer read your mail due to new rules regarding this

– Regular guards don’t wear a hat, but new recruits do

– Cole escorts Link to the ceremony

– Chancellor’s “them” appears to pay tribute to Majora’s Mask

– Chancellor’s Coles minion name is Byrne

– Cole and Byrne are not human

– Spirit Pipes (pan flute) originally belonged to Tetra

– Anjean is not Tetra

– New boss name for US version is Malladus, not Mallard like in the Spanish version

– To revive him, they need a vessel from Ancient Hyrule, hence Zelda’s body via the bloodline

– Collect three tears of light to power your blade to stun the Phantom

– You collect a map in each section of the Spirit Tower, the first being the Forest Rail Map

– Maps reveal new rail tracks

– The Forest Temple in the first dungeon after section one of the Spirit Tower

– As you travel on the train you will notice bunnies on rocks, traffic signals, and a strang archway

– Your first stop is a town called Whittleton, which is a town full of lumberjacks and woodsman

– You are to meet to the Lokomo Gage and play the spirit pipes with him in order to gain access to the Forest Temple

– The Lost Woods have returned, and once traversed you end up in the Forest Sanctuary

– First song you learn is the Song of Awakening

– Demon Fossil and Wooden Heart are new collectible items

– You can pay statues to reveal chest locations in dungeons

– Once Stagnox is defeated, a statue appears with a giant Force Gem, which then restores the Spirit Tracks

– Second map you get from the Spirit Tower is the Snow Realm map

– There is a side quest with 3 different difficulties in castle town, the first of which ends in a fight with Stagnox again

– Alfonzo gives you the canon for the train after you bring him back to Aboda

– There is another new sidequest, Rabbitland Rescue. You collect rabbits as you see them while on the train

– First stop on the way to the Snow Realm is Anouki Village, which is the same critters from Phantom Hourglass

– Second song learned is the Song of Discovery. Its effect works like a shovel

– To gain access to the Snow Temple, you have to pair Anouki villagers together (as lovers)

– Steem is the guardian sage of the Snow Temple

– There is a blizzard, so you must head to a new station called Wellspring Station

– After a map puzzle you meet Ferros, a train expert who will give you a map with the correct path to the Snow Temple

– New puzzle: Ringing bells in sequence to open doors

– Boss of second temple is called Fraaz, which was seen in an earlier video

– Multiplayer requires 1 game cartridge, and matches are 3 minutes long

– Six battle stages: Ancient Earth, Frozen Plains, Fire Arena, Icy Plains, Scorched Battlefield, and Shadow Stage

– You collect force gems, but only have to touch them rather then carry

– There are items and switches to hit other players and make them drop force gems

Pretty epic right? If you want to read his full preview, feel free to check it out.

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