Orchestrated Ocarina of Time

First of all, to get in before people totally freak out – we’re not yet sure of which track in Ocarina of Time 3D is live orchestrated, as has been confirmed. And yes, we are allowed to discuss music, so its time for some more pure speculation.

Yokota says that “you’ll have to play the game to find out which song it is”, because he ain’t tellin’! Now his precise words were “I also put in a song recorded with an orchestra. Only one, though.” Does that mean an entirely new song, or an orchestration of a classic? Does that mean it can be easily found, or is it more like the Chris Houlihan room? Read on for some thoughts.

There are lots of thoughts being thrown around about what the song is, and where it could be in the game. We know that Koji Kondo wanted the soundtrack to remain faithful to the Ocarina of Time 64 sound. With that said, let’s look at some possibilities.

It may be a new song made especially for a “teaser trailer”, such as after the title screen like in Twilight Princess. In fact, in a Japanese trailer for the game we heard an orchestrated song that included elements of the Hyrule Field theme and the original overworld theme. It may be something like that.

It may also be in the actual-game itself, such as the Hyrule Field theme, or another song that is now fully orchestrated. But will it always be played, or will it be rare? For instance, if it is the Hyrule Field song, does it always play the orchestral version, or only when you ride Epona, or every 100th time? Given the way it has been mentioned, I don’t think it will be hidden away. Rather, I think it will be extremely prominent.

Nintendo has to be careful here. If it is Hyrule Field that is orchestrated, then while that will make exploring Hyrule Field even more epic, it will also put the music elsewhere in the game to obvious shame. I’m tending to think that all of this “secrecy” about the final Ganon boss fight might be important to this music dilemma.

The final Ganon battle music was, and always will be, epic, but how much more so would it be orchestrated? If not there, I think the orchestrated piece needs to follow afterwards, as either the credits or songs in the scenes around them. This would help create a climactic ending, without making the other music in the game sound as bad. This might be the last music we hear in a playthrough.

The credits are fitting for an orchestration, and even a new track. How will the credits be done? Will they be the same as the original and credit all of those names, as well as Grezzo and those involved in the new version? It might now need extended music. Perhaps the orchestral piece comes into play there. Maybe its the title screen itself, or a title screen unlocked after you complete the game. Maybe it’s exclusive to Master Quest. Who knows…

We’ll be sure to let you know once we find the orchestral piece, but in the meantime – what do you think it will be? As always, let us know below.

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