Eiji Aonuma

  • area from the E3 demo will be divided in the final game
  • bosses from the demo will not appear in their locations from the demo
  • the demo area was the realm below the clouds
  • the demo area was a field, not part of a dungeon
  • once again, field and dungeon layouts are being reworked
  • elements of dungeons and fields are being combined
  • some dungeons may feature areas where you have to run from enemies, or you don’t have a weapon
  • there may be more items than the 8 seen in at E3
  • Gorons and Zoras are mentioned in passing, but not confirmed for the game
  • MotionPlus may lead to new puzzle types
  • the sword has a treasure-seeking ability
  • no comments on Ganon appearing
  • no interest in having Link speak due to ruining the image of the character thus far
  • Link does have a method of travel between the two worlds, but that’s not being discusses yet

Since the game is partially set in the sky, any chance Epona is a Pegasus?

Aonuma – [Laughs] I hadn’t thought of that! You surprised me with that one! Of course, you know, Link does have to travel between Skyloft and the land below, and back and forth, so he’s obviously going to have to do that via some sort of conveyance. That being said, I’d like to reveal that at a later time, so I don’t want to give away too much other than to say that he is going to be traveling between the two. However, I can guarentee he’s not going to be flying around like [Pit from] Kid Icarus!

Some very interesting details. So the demo area is actually part of the field, yet it contains a boss fight? The demo area IS part of the game, even though previously it was stated it wasn’t? Treasure seeking sword? Just more fuel to the ever growing speculative fire.

Source: [Zelda Chronicles]

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