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Names have been thrown around like crazy regarding Nintendo’s next home console. There’s the Wii 2, Wii HD, Cafe, Stream, Current…and way too many more. But we now have two more to add to the pile. Step inside for the latest rumors regarding the name of Nintendo’s next home console.

The first name is the Nintendo Beam. The evidence? Melbourne IT, the Australian company that hosts the official and, also hosts But I don’t believe it. Why? Because the name was submitted to IGN’s recent Wii 2 mock-up contest. In addition, Aaron Carr, the person who submitted the Beem, has registered and So, I’m not buying the Beem.

The second name that we have is Nintendo. That’s right, just Nintendo. No fancy extra names, just good old brand recognition. This rumor comes from Game Informer, who published the first stories regarding the new console. I find this name more plausible; it would be a return to basics. But who knows? We’ll all just have to wait till Tuesday to find out.

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