Not a lot to say here, except that the renditions of the Skyworld and Underworld, while not particularly groundbreaking in the artistic department, look positively great.

I’m not really sure whether these are promotional images or pure game stills

because of the commentary from Palutena, who’s looking rather expressive for a goddess of light. Does she speak through text boxes like that in-game in addition to the vocal work we heard in the debut trailer?

The appearance of new screens does suggest one thing, however: the game’s probably nearing the late stages of development. Perhaps we’ll see Kid Icarus as a 3DS launch title after all? I know Sakurai’s been aiming for as much. We’ll probably find out later this month.

Source: Nintendo Everything

UPDATE: It turns out the Japanese text in these pictures translates to elements of the control scheme. Players will move Pit with the Circle Pad, attack with the L button, and rotate the camera and perform other actions like dash attacks and dodges using the Touch Pad. Looks like this’ll be a hybridization of traditional analog control and DS touch control, which sounds just awesome if you ask me. Thanks to Siliconera for the update!

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