More Spirit Tracks Enemy Artwork

Miniblin Artwork

I’ve gotten several submissions in the last few days and five of them come from new artist, Exeter. I was so amazed by his five pieces of artwork that this update is dedicated completely to his work. Pictured to the left is his amazing rendition of a Miniblin from Spirit Tracks. That’s not all though, Exeter also put together great images for a Bubble, Keese, Octorok, and the boss of the Snow Temple, Fraaz. Check out all five new additions at the links below.

Bubble by Exeter
Fraaz by Exeter
Keese by Exeter
Miniblin by Exeter
Octook by Exeter

Remember, you can head on over to our Fan Artwork Image Gallery where you can view and comment on each individual image. If you like to create your own art work and would like to help us out, check out the Spirit Tracks Enemy Artwork Project for more information.

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