The official Phantom Hourglass website has updated with a new story section and a few multiplayer sections. While I can’t understand what it says, The Hylia has translated the page and I will post the link to their translation below. Be aware, at this point in time with the game, any story aspects should be considered as spoilers.

Also updated on the Phantom Hourglass website is a pair of Multiplayer videos. One of them shows you controlling the Phantoms that are chasing Link while the other one shows Link gathering pieces of triforce while avoiding the Phantoms. It does look fun and I can only wish to get my hands on it. You can view the trailers by clicking here.

There is also some low quality videos of the introduction from the Japanese Version now available at YouTube. I haven’t actually watched much of the clips for spoiler purposes, but they are available. If you just cannot wait to see more Phantom Hourglass media, YouTube is your place for a variety of new game play videos.

In not nearly as interesting news, Tingle RPG is heading over to Europe. Yes, the same Tingle RPG that was controversially funny when released in Japan. With a European release, it seems inevitable that it will make its way to America. Zelda’s resident pedophile, Tingle, just isn’t quite the character that interests me and I’m not sure if I’d actually pick up the game if it were to release in America.

Sources: Official Japanese Phantom Hourglass website, The Hylia, MCLOZ

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