More Phantom Hourglass Goodies

I have another piece of content for Phantom Hourglass up today and it is related to the actual Hourglass itself. An hourglass in general is a device that tells time based on how long it takes for sand to slip through from the top to bottom. Well, in Phantom Hourglass, Link will experience several portions of the game where he is racing against the clock, in this case, an hourglass.

The page I put together for you today is the Sand of Hours page. When Link gets the Phantom Hourglass, it contains 10minutes of sand. As Link travels through his newest adventure he finds more sand that he can put into his hourglass, which will allow him more time when fighting through those timed portions of the game. Many of the sand additions are part of the main quest, but there are others that are optional secrets to aid you as well. Either way, I have all of them listed in the new Sand of Hours page.

Some of you are lucky enough to have the game already. The local Gamestop I go to isn’t getting it until 11am tomorrow (Tuesday). I for assure will be there by 10:30 waiting to get my paws on that baby. That’s all for now, but remember to check back here at Zelda Dungeon for all your latest Phantom Hourglass content needs.

Phantom Hourglass Sand of Hours
Phantom Hourglass Bosses
Phantom Hourglass Heart Containers

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