More footage has popped up out of the Nintendo of Europe press event. This time around we get some high quality video of an assortment of locations including Hyrule Field, the Temple of Time, the Fire Temple, and boss battles with King Dodongo and Ganondorf. The video quality is fairly good and you can get to see the upgraded graphics fairly nicely. Additionally, at the 2:00 mark in the video, you get to see a video of the large Sheikah Stone found within the Temple of Time. Unfortunately, there was no footage of the new Visions mode, but for a full recap of what the Visions mode is, check out the related news post.

Be sure to check back here at the site for all the latest news and content relating to Ocarina of Time 3D. We’ll surely be getting more footage, screenshots, and other media over the course of the next few weeks. The game is just 34 days away for us in the United States, with a release date of June 19th.

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