The bosses of Majora’s Mask 3D have proven to be among the most reworked features in the game. For better or for worse, each of the bosses now has a giant eye weakpoint that Link must attack, and some even change the way players must approach a battle completely. For those wanting to see how these bosses work in motion, Dante NintendoWorld on YouTube recently released HD video from the game’s Japanese site showcasing gameplay footage of a few bosses and minibosses from the game.

The video features footage from Odolwa, Goht, and Gyorg boss battles. Unfortunately, other than a few glimpses, the video does not reveal any more about the weakpoints now present in each fight. We do however get a better idea of how the bosses behave.

Odolwa still dances erratically, though his sword strikes now carry him farther across the room. Also, take note of the numerous Deku Flowers scattered around the room. Goht’s boss fight remains fairly similar to how it was before, whereas Gyorg now swims much closer to the surface of the water. These are clear signs that bosses have been made more straightforward, but I’ll leave it to you to decide if these are welcome changes or not.

The video also gives us some footage of a few minibosses. The Dinolfos miniboss appears largely unchanged other than more beautifully smooth animations. It’s also a pleasant surprise to see footage from the Gomess fight, a personal favorite of mine. The battle looks like it did before, moody lighting and all.

What changes did you notice? What are your thoughts on the reworked boss battles?

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