Our friends over at GoNintendo have recently discovered a new short promo displaying the new capabilities of the 3DS using Ocarina of Time 3D as an example. The short promo shows us how aiming and firing the slingshot will be performed simply by moving the 3DS in your hands with ease. This changes the way we will aim and fire weapons from moving an analog stick to actually moving the device itself, creating a much greater interactive experience for the player. Now aiming will be as simple as actually using a real slingshot, although a little less destructive to your home.

This now has me even more excited for the release of Ocarina of Time. Now all I need to do is point and aim as if I were personally holding the slingshot! I find it to be a definite improvement over the old analog stick aim of the past which I was never a fan of. I cannot wait to unleash a fury of of arrows across the walls of my room using this new method of combat.

So what do you think, definitely going to shoot every octorock in the room? Or is it a tad gimmicky for you tastes? Let us know.

Source: GoNintendo
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