Today is a very special day because on this Monday we observe the inauguration of a new Zelda Dungeon feature – Monday Comic Corner! (Especially cheesy, I know. It was Tingle’s idea.) As the title would suggest, this weekly feature will show off some of the comics inspired by the Zelda series. To me, comics are wonderful because they incorporate artwork, text, and a bit of something silly all in one. Zelda comics are particularly special because often they give the community’s chatter a single voice through the Zelda characters. And this is certainly the only time we get to hear Link’s opinions.

Hit the jump for our first feature -“Triforce of Courage”!

We start out with a recent comic from Corpse Run Comics. In six short panels, an interesting perspective is posed of how many of Link’s missions start, especially in Twilight Princess. As the author states in his comments, it seems that Link gets himself in a lot of situations he didn’t even intend. Though it always Link is the generous, courageous young hero, he really should speak up sometimes so we aren’t left to wonder. Some All of his missions are incredibly dangerous, he must have some “what have I gotten myself into” thoughts!

In fact, has Link ever started his adventures by his own will? Just because he’s the most able doesn’t mean he always enjoys his escapades. Either way, we’re all fortunate that Link has never rejected a mission. How would that be if he just decided not to save Princess Zelda? “Let Ganondorf take over. I’m too tired.” The Legend of Zelda: The Regime of Ganondorf probably wouldn’t be an uplifting tale.

Of course, to see more of these comics, head on over to their website. Though not all of Corpse Run’s comics are Zelda inspired, there are plenty that feature our tunic-wearing friend, and you can bet that some of our future features will be from Corpse Run.

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