Sometimes things in video games are backwards. Often they’re intentionally backwards for ironic and comedic effect, and these are usually obvious to the player. Other times, though, situations in games can be backwards by accident, such as this example from Skyward Sword.

Alex from Corpse Run Comics seems to do a good job finding these kinds of things in the Zelda series, even if we may have all considered the ideas when we were playing.

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 (Reminder that not all comics are intended to be hilariously funny, but sometimes just convey short ideas with pictures.)

One of the first things you do in Skyward Sword is learn how to jump on a Loftwing, and I suspect a good number of us found out what happens when you don’t whistle for your bird. But quickly we all became comfortable with running off Skyloft and calling the Loftwing.

Now, in the video game world, there are no serious consequences Link doesn’t call his bird, but if Link jumped without whistling in a real scenario, there would be no second chances. And falling off awkwardly without jumping is perhaps the most fatal move anyone could make in Skyloft.

Link should cheer up, though. By this point, he’s saved Zelda and returned home safely. He’s even gathered the respect and attention from Groose, who looks more than just a little concerned by Link’s decision in the comic. Don’t throw your life away, hug the person next to you, and go whistle for your Loftwing for an afternoon flight.

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Source: Corpse Run Comics

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