Monday Comic Corner – Link is an Elf

Because today is Christmas Eve, or even Christmas already in some places, we have a holiday themed Zelda comic for you! Straight from deviantART is a short bit about Zelda forcing some of the other characters to align with the holiday spirit.

Of course whenever Link gets a voice he usually expresses his latent “Grumble, Grumble” thoughts, whether it be because of the stress of his adventures or another cause, this comic is no exception. This time, Link and company have dressed up as common Christmas characters. Elf-Link is most certainly appropriate, but what about the other characters?

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I can’t tell whether the combination of Linebeck, Tael, and Ganondorf make this last panel so funny, or just the way Ganondorf is drawn made me laugh, but this is definitely a hilarious Zelda take on this Christmas tradition. I always find comics amusing when a villain isn’t treated like the bad guy. The character that we’re all taught is a bad guy suddenly has real feelings.

Overall, a short and funny Christmas comic by ~tie-dye-flag on deviantART. He or she has drawn some other Zelda related things, so you can check out ~tye-dye-flag’s deviantART gallery here if you’re curious.

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Source: deviantART

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