Monday Comic Corner – Hiiiiya!

Corpse Run Comics always has a great Zelda comic, and this week we have a comic simply titled “Hiiiiya”. If you’ve played Ocarina of Time even once, that word will probably bring back fond memories of the first game to give Link voice characterization. But this comic isn’t a scene from Ocarina of Time, and you’ve probably already figured that out. Do you know what game it’s from? To find out and read the full comic, hit the jump!

Gruesome? Perhaps. Still hilarious? Of course.

Of course this comic is inspired by the captured monkeys quest in Twilight Princess. Where else could you find a monkey with a rose in its head?

I think this fits in the category of “if video games were more realistic”. In this universe, Link needs a bit more training with that Master Sword and he’s got to start being more careful with what that sharp blade comes in contact with. It’s dangerous to go alone, but it’s also dangerous to go on an adventure with Link.

Can you think of some other places in the Zelda series where Link could do with some more training? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Corpse Run Comics

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