Monday Comic Corner – Arrowdox

This week on Monday Comic Corner, we have an older comic that tries to explore an idea that has plagued players since The Wind Waker. Though first appearing in Ocarina of Time, the true power of the two elemental arrows wasn’t described until later by the Fairy Queen in The Wind Waker.

Hopefully by now you’ve realized that something crazy is going to happen. Perhaps the introduction of a paradox having to do with arrows? To find out if Link actually makes this foolish mistake, hit the jump to read on!

Welp. Link has doomed us all, or at least those within quite a few miles of him. Now all of Hyrule, even underwater, is irradiated. Even if Ganon somehow survived, this is definitely not a Hyrule he wants to be a part of.

To be fair, the Fairy Queen didn’t even give Link a warning. Our hero can’t be the only person she’s given these arrows to, and it’s pretty obvious that these are dangerous. Not only are they pointy and meant to be fired at high velocity, but they have extra powers. And Link, wielder of the Triforce of Courage might as well hold the Triforce of Curiosity. You just can’t trust Link with these kinds of things all the time.

This comic comes from SMAAAASH!!, and if you liked this comic, they have plenty more Zelda, Pokémon, and otherwise Nintendo related comics.

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Source: SMAAAASH!!

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